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The tarps never stay on, up here we actually place straw on top of the wall for insulating in the winter. The silver stuff appears to be a Damproofing spray, we us a black tar like spray followed by the plastic dimple wrap to damproof the basements ( notice I didn’t say “waterproof”). If water was on top as you say 8 hours later then they poured the mix too wet, do you know if they shot the concrete off the cement truck chutes or did they use a concrete pump truck. If they shot right of the chutes they likely watered up the concrete to make it flow which is not good as it will make the concrete weaker , we always use concrete pump trucks. Hope this helps.

Tnanks Jerry.

Went out today to meet with the GC. The foundation excavator arrived and was going to start the backfill. I mentioned that the floor should be anchored (floor joists and supporting girders) before the nackfills the deep areas of the foundation (IRC R404.1.7) but the excavator told me, “Hey, we always do it this way.” Didn’t speak English to well. Told him he could backfill around the attached garage area (4’ deep) but shouldn’t do the other walls until the floor joists were anchored.

GC said that the carpenters wouldn’t do the floor joists until the backfill was in because “it wouldn’t be safe”.

A case of local, common practices vs IRC?



Up here we usually backfill before floor joists because of the safety issue for the carpenters as well, hard to carry everything over when jumping a 3-4 foot long hole. I would allow at least 1 week before backfilling, but it is not so much the backfilling but make sure no heavy equipment ( excavator, backhoe , bulldozer, etc.) drives on the loose fill for some time as this is what will usually cause the extra pressure that will crack the foundation or push in the wall.

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I am not worried about it William , if this person has better advice I just wish they would post it and help a member out. I am not saying everything I told you is perfect scenario but it is what would be considered common in the industry and if some of those guys who criticize actually worked on jobsites for a while instead of just read code books all day they would learn what is standard practices on most construction sites.

Point take, Bro.