Need Advice On Getting Started

I need help. I have probably spent 50 hours on the web, at Nachi, etc trying to find the best way to get started in the business and feel confused and not sure what direction to turn. I ordered a course on ebay but find it is hard to follow. I would like to get started asap as I am recently unemployed and need some direction and advice from someone who has been there. I was thinking about a live class but cannot find too many options.

I would greatly appreciate any help/advice you can offer with suggested courses etc.

Thank You!

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It really depends on the state you are located in as to if you can do your education via online or distance learning. Many states have specific requirements to entering into this profession.

I personally think nothing can take the place of attending a live class to get a GROUP grasp of the concepts needed or atleast in some seminar form to help educate by example.

If you are in a position where you need income right away…this is most certainly NOT the profession for you…

Where are you located? have you visited and a few others like AHIT and so on which do training as that would be the place I would suggest a new person start.

If you let us know where you’re from we may be able to suggest some course near you…

Contact your State unempolyment office, depending on your situation they may offer some financial assistance in re-training you.