Need advice on home inspection course

Hi… I am planning to do a home inspection course so that i can work for a real estate agency as a part time employee. I heard about Freedom business School in California. I would like to know more about the institution. Does anyone know how is their training and course fee structure? Does the training worth the amount that we pay?

The best, approved courses in the inspection industry are all free:

Interesting. Are you working for a Brokerage or Inspection company? What are your duties going to be?

That part doesn’t make sense.

Why would a Real Estate agency have a home inspector on staff?

That would be a conflict of interest.

But to your question, I’ve never heard of them.

Raymond, I can tell you from first hand I just passed my south dakota exam and it was really really hard I had the best luck joining interNachi and using their pre licensing program to study well worth the $50 bucks a month.

I can tell you this, InterNACHI has great courses that are free. If you are going to spend any money at all for school I would not waste it with online courses. I would go to a butt in seat school were you can be taught and mentored by certified seasoned professional inspector. someone who can answer your questions and give you personal face to face attention.