Need advice ....

I have a box of VonDuprin hardware which I have been hanging on to for ages because it came from the the hardware company started by Kurt Vonnegut’s family.

I now have a need to sell it, but I am unsure of its worth. From what I can tell it is a VonDuprin Series 88 Exit Device. Here are some pix. Any thoughts as to maximize potential would be greatly appreciated.

Doesn’t anyone know how to use google anymore?

This is NOT a flea market, hardware store or antique shop. Do your research somewhere else.

Well, gee. Thank you for your kindness.

I doubt it is worth much.
Nobody cares who owned the Hardware store except you.

Can this be moved to the classified or spam section?

Simple donate it too the Sally Ann thrift store .
Make every body happy

Jeez. I AM sorry.

I know nothing of this stuff. I was just looking for some advice. BTW, Sally Ann might be happy to get something like this:

After all this time, why do you have a need to sell it?

What the hell are they?
Are the from Slaughterhouse 5?

dang it JJ. You are in a mood today.

Just had my annual eye exam this morning, eyes dilated, snowed 11 inches last night (so far) and can’t see a fruckin’ thing!

I’m actually in a great mood, and simply won’t tolerate Meatheads and Prima Donna’s today!

relax everyone

Well, that’s interesting. It’s hardware for a fire exit system (

But I was reminded of it because I’d reading a book about the Battle of the Bulge, where Kurt Vonnegut was during the war. He was captured and was being held (in schlachthof fünf in Dresden when they firebombed the city.

Anyway, Vonnegut’s dad started a hardware business which manufactured the exit device in question.