need age of a State Stove & MFG. Co. w/h

appreciate any help and I already looked on the building center but this is an oldie. 1953? also the age of the home.
serial number 5338 and there appears to be embossed M4 too just to the left of the printed serial number.


Why do you need this

great question, so I can confirm it for our client?
why wouldn’t I want to verify the age?

why did you even respond?
no need for you to waste your time!

Most likely to confirm your purpose.

It’s very clear that the appliance is quite old, well beyond the average age of a water heater, especially in Florida.


Appliances get changed all the time. Its old … Buyer can see that.

Its exact age is not important. Say “The range is older and at the end of a safe and economical lifespan. Budget for replacement or maintain a home warranty that covers this”.

Its older … Say it and keep moving.