Need and Example of Multi-Unit Apartment Report

If there is 5 units …Do I do 5 individual Reports ?
If I do as one Report … I would like to see an example.


One of our instructors, Rob Claus is reviewing this in our upcoming commercial inspection class. He is also handing out sample reports. Can you attend? Info:

Make sure your insurance is aware you are doing multi level units above 4.

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I’m in Southern California Calif.

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Thanks … I will take a look …

It depends on how you set up your inspection software, some use a rooms approach others use a systems method. Personally I always use a systems method, so what that means is that all electric defects are grouped together under one heading, then in the description the location of the defect is recorded. I find the flow of the report from a top down systems approach (as opposed to room listing) works best, especially in commercial jobs when the room designation is unmarked or it’s purpose is fuzzy.

Reporting multi unit investment property.
Its quite simple to report multi unit investment property. I start by taking an image for the front door unit number/#. If none exists, use a piece of paper, mark the number with a pen, Number #1. Take a photo with the paper in-front of the door. Bob’s your uncle mate. Your in business.

Reports: Each defect is associated by the unit number.
Bathroom unit #5, unit 501 or A5, loose toilet, bathtub requires caulking, damaged bathroom tiles.
Unit #5, unit 501 or A5; Worn bedroom hardwood flooring.
Unit #1, unit 001 or A1: Loose baseboard heater cabinet, left/right bedroom. Unit #5, unit 501 or A5 Water Heater… Get the idea. Simple as that.
The lot, grounds, parking lot, are exactly the same as doing a home.

When you run into the agent that wants you to start with 'their preferred unit first, Could you start with Unit #5, unit 501 or A5 please? They have an appointment, work, or other excuse, and it is an excuse, landlord/owner have the right to enter any unit once the tenant is notified and are required to have a key to each unit by law, same thing. It is up to you.
I push back at times. I start where I want to start. Bottom to top. Units Left to right by floor.
Its hard tracking 400 images when unit #'s are random in the folder.
Its totally up to you. What even spins your top.

Personally, I like to get the Lot, Grounds, Foundation, Envelope, plumbing main water entry, typically/ usually under the stairs, and service utility room & equipment out of the way from the start. Their will be a main disconnect. Report ampacity and manufacturer of said equipment. Units from the bottom to the top. Left to right. Roof at the end.

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David, in your reporting software, for every defect location, Unit #1, Unit #2, Unit Number #3, open another associated window in the associate software component, IE: Interior; Doors, and repeat defects in the software. Repetitive association by/per unit number.
Look below. I repeated doors by associate unit numbers.

Interior: Doors:

I have a simple repeat for water heaters. All in the same window. So simple to add information! Remember. It takes time buddy. More information = more clients.

Call me. I will try my best to explain it to you and give you a mock report to use as a template.