Need Android Testers for Wind Mitigation App if you get a chance Dom. Thanks!

Got ya Glenn.

I just finished a new update that I sent to a few of you. I need to finish one more feature (allowing more than 5 pics) and then I’ll be posting to Google Play and the App Store… Please keep the great feedback coming guys!

I would love to try the app. Your HIP android app has saved me a great deal of time and this app will just make things faster also.
Thanks for everything you do!

Dom, I would like to try out your app, thanks.

Posted on Google Play now!! Check it out.

Everyone has 3 months free to try it out while any kinks are worked out. Though I expect any to be worked out within a week as long as guys give good feedback. We already have inspectors using it on their real inspections. Please make sure to post feedback on or email us at

The iPhone/iPad version is almost done we’re just waiting for Apple to approve it. Unfortunately this can take a few weeks Apple is SLOOOOW.

I would also like to give it a try

thank you

Thanks for the trial software.
I have received a free upgrade from Ice Cream Sandwich to Jellybean on my Android tablet/slate. I was able to install the software and the Wind Mit works well. My only wish is for more picture space, otherwise I think it’s great!


Hi Aubrey,

The new update handles unlimited pictures. I’ll be pushing that update tonight.

Bruce, the program is already on Google Play.