Need bathroom light diagram

I’ve seen it posted a bunch of times, but cant find it.

does someone have a diagram that shows the proper clearances for bathroom lights/fixtures? I want to put it into a report.

Today’s inspection had a ceiling fan installed over the jet tub in the master bathroom (6.5 ft above the floor/tub).

Here is one.

That will work. Thanks Bob!

Here’s another graphic which mentions all of the specific type of luminaries not permitted in the shower/tub space. This is from the 2005 NEC.

That’s a good graphic.

I agree. I would caution others that it is clearly copy written. Use it at your own risk. This would be a good graphic for Nachi to re-design for the graphics library. I’m sure it is one that would be popular. (Of course, I did look there first before starting this thread.)

Good point Mark. Actually Mike Holt is very liberal in allowing the use of some of his material. This is from the page that the graphic originated on:

You only need to fill out the form once. Here’s a link to all of Mike’s free stuff:

He has a great newsletter also.