Need education gas meter

Any ideas why they ran the gas service with this loop? 12,000 foot home; 6 gas furnace; 2 - 75 gallon gas water heaters; 4 gas ranges / ovens. Thanks

Looks they ran out of large pipe and wanted to maintain enough flow.

I bet that regulator is too small for that house…

Based on the number of gas appliances and the size of the lines this is probably a high pressure gas meter. There should have been step down regulators at each appliance. That way there would be no need to change the size of the gas lines. Any pictures of the gas connections at any of the appliances?

Thanks for the input guys. I got some feedback. It is a low pressure system. The loop has TWO excess gas flow regulators in it.

The large pipes going to the home intend to preserve flow to appliances on a very large home. The city I was in requires excess flow regulators (kind of like California and earthquakes). I am not sure why the plumber used two regulators other than to equal the output at the meter. Perhaps the proper size single regulator was not available. Open to comments why two would be used. In the meantime I will check code permits and call the plumber solely for the education.

Unless I read wrong the devise is 1 inch max.

It is odd without a doubt. I referred the entire assembly and capacity matter to a plumber.