Need explanation please

Have a picture but no resizing program so i cant post it but I saw a ground wire attached to the busbar and then the wire just terminated through a hole at the bottom of the panel. A small copper wire was tied to it but it was just suspended in air. Is this to ground the box? A ground wire also came from out of the house (under the panel) and was secured to the underground conduit (which is plastic) This I know is wrong but not sure about the wire attached to the busbar and just hanging from the bottom of the panel, not attached to anything. thanks

Refer to Licenced Electrican. The pvc bond dosent sound good.Inspectors observe & Report but don’t analyze unless licensed in electrical as well.Be careful.

It is a ground for the low voltage guys. This is not uncommon. Around here it might even extend outside so the telco and cableco can hit it with their Dmark ground. I was confused the first time I saw one too. I thought they didn’t connect up the GEC.

Hi Greg…just want to let you know that in my area cable is not allowed to be grounded from the inside as it makes confirmation to difficult.It is all required to be grounded at the mast or meter location if possible as many installers were connecting to plastic unknowingly.