Need feedback

I am interested in adding Thermal Imaging to my business and I would like to know should I buy or rent? What certifications to obtain and by who? Prices to charge?

I appreciate any and all feedback,

Russell Truluck
Truluck Consulting, LLC

If you have the cash. Take a level 1 with the Snell Group. There program will take you in the HI. Inspection direction.

Camera. If you have the cash any Camera with 320X240 and up on the RES. If you buy before the first of the year 100% of the camera is TAX deductible. I just got a new FLIR BX320 $ 10K. Very nice camera. They have new units and if you have the cash that way 2 go.

Hope this helps…



Ron, can you give us more info on the tax deduction thing, personal return, schedule C or what? thanks!

See your CPA for more information. ( Section 179 )

For me it was Give the money out in Taxes or buy a new camera…

New Camera…



found it