Need Foundation Feedback, House Built in 1960

Well I have to say for me it has been relatively easy to ballpark the code ages because I’ve work in nicely regulated areas of the country. I can’t speak for the other areas. Some of you folks travel far distances to inspect while I stay pretty close to home. I have yet to inspect a home that was built using the IRC.

California is not under the IRC…Most likely due to the type of construction the bolts were not visible from the crawlspace but visible from the foundation vents and the garage. My old house built in 1956 was that way.



Hi Chuck, I am aware that Cal has more stringent codes due to “all that shaken goin on” but was under the impression that the I.C.C. rules in the entire country. I’m going to the i.c.c. web site to look at the map of covered areas. Perhaps some areas didn’t adopt those sets of standards, not sure. What standards does your area use? N.E.C. I.C.C.?


Calif is under many different ‘Codes’ The 1997 UBC, California Plumbing Code, California Mechanical Code, NEC. Now each city can add or subtract from that list, so that makes things real confusing.

There are talks about adopting the IRC either it be the 2003 or 2006 statewide not sure (if memory serves it will only be parts not in its entirety). When they do it will only affect new construction and we all know there is very little of that going on here.


What’s the problem?

You have floor joists that rest on a sill on a foundation. It’s an old house. Do you see evidence of failure? If it’s been fine for 50 years and still shows no sign of failure better not call it a problem or you’ll have to show why it’s a problem.

Thanks. I felt like the lone ranger on this thread.

My house was built about 1880. It’s still here. Gravity works pretty well on old homes!

Lack of foundation bolting in California, which is a seimic 4 zone, in a 1960’s home is a problem. They have been required since the mid 1930’s. Not trying to stir the pot but foundation bolting is a very big deal here in California and any inspector who fails to mention the presence or non presence of them is looking at a potentially substantial lawsuit.


What is the seismic activity like where you live? Just last week we had a 5.4 earthquake centered approximately 30-40 miles away from the home in the original post


Another good reason not to live in The People’s Republic. :wink:

Here’s a good reference article I found.

Good info and I stand corrected on a few things!! Thanks Joe.


Gravity does work well until a hurricane tries to peel your roof off. Here and i"m sure in calif. the insurance companys first question. Bolted? And it makes a difference in costs if your not. It is definitely a need to know item.