Need Generalist Training!

Ok, now my background. I’ve worked as a plumbing/pipe fitter, short career in roofing, HVAC, and even a licensed electrician. I don’t have a business as a home inspector, but inspecting homes is important to a job I perform. I have a hard time keeping my hands out of fixing something as soon as I find it unsafe. So, I need to work with generalists (“home inspectors”), to get a more stand back approach to inspecting a home.

I live in the Bethlehem, Pa area, I would like to tag along with others. I understand that many people are ‘scared’ they are training their competition, so I am willing to travel(1+hr). This way you keep ‘your area’ sacred. :wink:

My schedule makes tues-thurs flexible. So if you need someone to chat with, carry a flashlight on an inspection, PM me.

Thank you,