need help - broken garage door panel

we have those standard automatic garage doors, with several plates bending as it lowers.

we had a power outage recently and my parents lifted up the door manually. when i needed to close it, it was ridiculously hard. kept getting stuck. problem i noticed: there is a massive dent/hole in one of the plates. didnt think that was a big deal but it might. also, the hinges on the plates along the steel track that the garage runs/rolls on is no longer connected to the next plate. the plate itself is broken/torn/cracked so the connection is no longer there.

does anyone know how to fix this easily or how much is a reasonable amount?
one person said 650 to replace everything - plates, hinges, springs even, while keeping our steel frame.

anyone with experience here?

It sounds like several parts are needed so any professional that invests the time to get the parts, travel time, labor and warranty deserves to make some money.

If you are mechanically inclined, I would see about buying the same door so that you can fix it and have spare parts left over.

Is this on a 1 car or 2 car opening?
A 1 car door is not that expensive to just replace the whole thing.

from my past experiences, using an actual overhead door company will be far cheaper than a handyman or contractor. It is somewhat of a specialty item and they are efficient at fixing these.

they are efficient at fixing these correctly.

The door manufacture can provide parts. Replacing parts is not that hard, but you have to exercise caution with the springs. Furthermore, you need to determine why the parts failed and correct that also or it will happen again.

You can cost out a door at at their Coplay garage door site.
It will give you door costs as well as installation costs.

Coplay’s insulated best door is a great door ,
Premimum Series steel sandwich with foam core.

When a door is replaced the tracks and springs as also replaced as a package deal. Matching new door and hardware to old tracks can cause problems.

Maybe im just lucky to have a couple really good overhead door companies in town. in the past, they have replaced parts for me, cheaper than I could even buy them somewhere else. Some types of springs can hurt you severly if you dont know what you are doing. That said, enjoy the ride