Need help compiling your insurance reports?

Another thread gave me an idea.

I am willing to compile and quality control review your insurance reports if you have all the data you need.

I case you are not aware I have a shattered heal and am stuck at home for a while.

If you have all the data you need for a report I can compile it and quality control review it for mistakes and things that may get it rejected or cause you and or you client issues.

This may save you a ton of time in the office.

Remember I have been doing this for many years and almost never have problems with my reports from the insurance folks.

Call me if interested 954-922-0584 It would have to be mutually beneficial for both of us to be worth yours an my time.

I could offer same day service on most depending on when I receive the info.

I guarantee you will be happy with the results as they will be perfect and we can discuss how you would like them to look.

Fee will be based on what you want done.

you can pay by paypal or check and i will deliver to you or your client even before being paid. Not to many until we build a relationship.

You don’t pay me then I shred you here :slight_smile: I give members the benefit of the doubt.

I am also willing to do quality control check on any insurance inspections you may have. Call me to discuss :smiley:

I know what gets accepted and what does not 99.9% of the time.

Just think a small firm can have a Quality Accuracy Control Process just like the big boys.

I’am probably better than all of them anyhow at least I’ve got the training. I also have solid experience of what they will and will not accept.

You can then add some nifty slogan to your advertising like all of our reports go through our rigid Q.A.C.P. before being delivered to the client :smiley:

I would like to officially exclude Michelle S. from my above statement. She has probably reviewed more than anyone person in the State from what I understand.

You should offer to book appointments also, they could forward phones.

Great idea! All reports should go through a review prior to being sent out. I hope people will take you up on it.

Sure I’am up for anything anyone needs as long as it is mutually beneficial to both of us and we both feel like we are getting a good deal :slight_smile:

Thanks for the idea.

Thanks I think it is a pretty good idea. It will just matter what folks think the service is worth as to weather it works out or not.

So far no one has contacted me yet.:frowning: