Need help fast

I did an inspection yesterday where the basement has been remodeled. The new hook ups for the washer and dryer (electric) are now on an interior wall oppisite where the old dryer vents to the exterior (approx 20 feet). All walls and ceiling are newly drywalled, textured and painted. My question (probably just brain freeze on my part) is does an electric clothes dryer have to be vented to the exterior?

Yes, because the dryer vent will put out a lot of moist air. I can tell you some sad stories about improperly vented dryers and drywall.

Absolutely, the dryer has to have a way to remove all the water from the wet clothes,and then send it outside. For it to travel that far, it needs to be rigid pipe with a minimum of bends to be efficient. Gas dryers have to vent the by products from the burner also.

Unless it is a condensing unit.

Thank you for the quick answers. I was baffled to see all this money spent on the basement remodel that will now have to be torn apart to make the dryer vent right. They also carpeted the laundry area without installing a drain pan.

M1502.1 General. **Dryer exhaust systems shall be independent
of all other systems, and shall convey the moisture to the