Need help finding a particular tool...

I am licensed in MO to do Septic tank inspections. One of the tasks that is required is that for an ATU, I must extract a minimum of 1 ltr of effluent from the aeration tank, and allow it to settle for a period of time to determine the percentage of solids. (I know… ewwww)

I’m looking for some sort of a hand pump that I could use to do this with. I’ve found several “pumps” or siphons that wouldn’t even pump clear water, let alone that with solids. In my mind, I am visualizing a huge syringe with a 4 or 5 ft hose instead of a needle. But I’m open to suggestions.

Anyone know of a way to do this.

OH, VERY IMPORTANT… It also has to be easy to rinse clean and sanitize.

They make small pumps for extracting oil from autos. About the size of the old bug sprayer pumps. Try the auto stores.

PS. Ewww

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It’s a start.

That’s a great thought, unfortunately those are some of the pumps I’ve tried. Actually, when I was at a local auto shop, the tool guy (you know, the guy with the big camper type truck) came in to talk to the mechanics. I told him what I was looking for, but after listening the requirement to also take out suspended solids, he didn’t think there was anything out there in the auto world that would work. (At least not hand held, and portable, and not very expensive) The tools that they had to offer, were larger pumps that required power (the one he thought would work, looked like a medium sized welding machine.) One that actually looked a little like a big syringe, the mechanic that owned it told be it clogged all the time with tiny particles in the engine fluid, and he had to constantly blow it out. (Not something I want to be doing with pooh. :mrgreen:) He said he didn’t think it would work either.

And yes… Ewww (The good thing though is if the ATU is working properly the stuff really doesn’t stink. It has more of an earthy natural smell. (No joke.)

Kersting Sampling Products

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                             								             										                                 [](                 **2.1 TELESCOPIC SAMPLER **

															This equipment is designed to take liquid and viscous samples 																		from difficult to reach locations, using a telescopic / adjustable 																		telescopic rod, with snap connection, to suit the following items.
  • Telescopic rods 4.5 metres.

  • Pendulum Beakers (PP), 1000 and 2000ml.

  • Angular Beakers (PP), 1000 and 2000ml.

  • Stainless Steel Beaker 1500ml.

  • Bottle Holder (PP) 500, 1000ml.

  • Sediment Snapper 304 Stainless Steel.

  • Swab Sampler. Adjustable clamp to hold a pad for checking clean down efficiency on internal surfaces of mixing vessels

    		                                                              [](                 **2.2 PUMP SAMPLER **
    														  This hand operated device pumps the liquid from depths up to 5 meters directly into the 50ml or 150ml sample bottle.
    																The liquid is only in contact with tube and bottle (both polyethylene).
    																Special feature: Bottles are in a letter box format – only 30mm thick.
    														  According to this operation, target and average samples can be withdrawn. The pump sampler can be used on different types of containers, tanks etc. for all media that are not aggressive to the material of tube and bottle (polyethylene). Depending on the specific weight of the media, different depths can be realized with water it is about 5 meters.
    																This device can also be used for polluted liquids and sediments. These are just sucked in.
    																The pump sampler can be used on all different types of containers, tanks etc. with an opening of at least 8mm.
                                                                           [](                 **2.3 DIP SAMPLER **
    														  Depending on the operation they can be used for sampling floating phases (e.g. oil) or explicit transition of phases. Please pay attention to the material of the sampler to be used on your individual liquid.
    																The following devices are available in three different materials:
  • PTFE / FEP

  • Stainless Steel (AISI 316L)

    																Dip samplers can be used in all kinds of liquids according to their material resistance.
    																The containers must have an opening of at least 35mm to insert the sampler.

Thanks guys… I’m thinking the “Viscous Sampler” might be just what I’m looking for. I’ll try to contact that company, and get some more info on it.

If anyone else has something that they actually use I’d appreciate hearing about that too!

No reusable tool is going to be easy or desireable to clean. You need to think along the lines of something disposal. I am thinking a weighted plastic container with a hook and string on it. Lower it, raise it, watch it settle, lift it up and drop into a large ziploc bag, double bag it and toss it in the neighbors trash can.

I hear what you are saying, but there are numerous tools (like a dip stick, or a float hook) that we use on a regular basis. After using they are rinsed (back into the tank) with clear water from a hose, and then sanitized with a bleach mixture. I then keep my float hook/dip stick in a closed 4 inch pvc pipe as well.

I’d like to do something like that, because cleaning this stuff sucks… String won’t work though… The sample has to be taken while the aeration unit is running. In some units that makes the access a little difficult, and in others would or could be enough to break the string or knock the container off the hook.

I like the way you guys are thinking though. Thanks!

How many ATUs do you inspect? I have only had one in eight years.

The last two were both ATU’s. Only they had been vacant for a long time and the effluent was relatively clear, there was enough other stuff “wrong” with both of them they failed miserable anyway without even completing the inspection.

Can you just use a garden hose???:p:p

siphon hose.jpg

Maybe to beat you over the head. :stuck_out_tongue: :D:D:D:D:D:D

Darn it i was going to say a straw .

Mark…try Rabco in Hamden, CT.