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If I remember right, doesn’t sulphur (hydrogen sulfide - H2S) water have a reaction to electronic equipment (TVs, DVD players, etc.) that can ruin it? Any help or a link would be greatly appreciated, I’m havin’ no luck, and I need to get back to my report…


Columbia Encyclopedia:](

hydrogen sulfide,

chemical compound, H2S, a colorless, extremely poisonous gas that has a very disagreeable odor, much like that of rotten eggs. It is slightly soluble in water and is soluble in carbon disulfide. Dissolved in water, it forms a very weak dibasic acid that is sometimes called hydrosulfuric acid. Hydrogen sulfide is flammable; in an excess of air it burns to form sulfur dioxide and water, but if not enough oxygen is present, it forms elemental sulfur and water. Hydrogen sulfide is found naturally in volcanic gases and in some mineral waters. It is often formed during decay of animal matter. It is a part of many unrefined carbonaceous fuels, e.g., natural gas, crude oil, and coal; it is obtained as a byproduct of refining such fuels. It may be made by reacting hydrogen gas with molten sulfur or with sulfur vapors, or by treating a metal sulfide (e.g., ferrous sulfide, FeS) with an acid. Hydrogen sulfide reacts with most metal ions to form sulfides; the sulfides of some metals are insoluble in water and have characteristic colors that help to identify the metal during chemical analysis. Hydrogen sulfide also reacts directly with silver metal, forming a dull, gray-black tarnish of silver sulfide (Ag2S).

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BTW: it’s also been know to put the odd dishwasher into orbit as well

My swimming pool must have it because everyone’s cell phone dies after they jump in the water with one in their pocket!:shock::shock::roll: :stuck_out_tongue:


let me guess?
You poured it down a stopped drain and stunk up the place so bad you had to leave.


I’m always curious, so I apologize.

But what the hell is hydrogen sulfide doing near electronic equipment? Did you inspect a house that had major waste issues?

If I am not mistaking ALL water has a bad reaction to electrical equipement,

I realize I wasn’t very clear, but I’ve been busy with new babies and inspections. Anyway, many houses with well water, around here anyway, have sulphur (rotton egg smell) in there water. This sulphur reacts to metal, like here, at the supply lines. I worked with a guy years ago, who lived in a different area of Ohio, who went through 2 dvd players, a computer, and a tv and couldn’t figure out why. I picked him up one morning, had to go inside his house, and my eyes started watering and I nearly passed out from the smell. It didn’t even phase him, because he was so used to it (which sadly, many “rednecks” are around here, they think it’s normal or don’t want to pay to treat it). I told him he might want to get the water treated, and he might lower his payments at Best Buy.

The inspection I did yesterday was the same way. I couldn’t find any info on it though, hence the post. But, thanx Gerry, that’s better than I could find.

When you say “rednecks” are you referring to this

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