Need help, is my electric legal?

I need to find out if my the house I am renting is in code, I was told by someone it is not.

The electric service in coming into the house, via a wire to the ground and then into basement. There is no special cover over the line either. I was told that it is dangerous, the way it is currently installed. I live in PA. I was told the service should be coming in the house above ground. Is this true, and how do I report it and get my landlord to fix with out reporting to someone and getting my service turned off?

I don’t mind them turning it off to fix it, but I do not want it turned off, and then be stuck because the landlord wont repair it.

You need to have your landlord take care of this…if they do not respond to you then call your local permits and inspections office and see if they have a property maintenance division and they will more than likely come and look at the concerns…At least we do here in Alexandria, VA.

Call your local code enforcement office and have them come out and look. If they say it is a violation, they will most likely let the owner know and it will get fixed.

I have no knowledge of how things work in PA but it has been my experience that the utility company is responsible for service before the meter. Is the meter after the line enters your basement or before. You should check with your electric company or a local home inspector and then maybe bring this directly to your landlord as it may be an issue that can be fixed at no cost to him/her. However, if done correctly not all underground service entry installations should be considered unsafe.

Hope this helps

Jason Jeske
IL Home Inspector