Need Help, looking for a GC.

I have had a request from a friend in my Chamber of Commerce here in Florida to see if I can locate an exceptionally good General Contractor for her family. They live in the Sonoma/Napa Valley area and need to demolish an existing home and then build a new one.
I said if the people in InterNACHI cannot suggest one or two then there aren’t any.
If you could give names, email and phone numbers (address would also be helpful) I will pass the info onto her.
Many thanks.

The old proven method. Const. is a three party system and is very necessary for proper checks and balances. Owner (if not an expert then must hire a representative), design team, contractor.
Recommendation to your friend: first hire an experienced representative. He will help vett and hire an architect that will be comprehensive and coordinated. Together the team will pre-qualify and bid the construction documents…all in conformance with AIA documents. This method will be the fastest from start to finish and the most cost effective.

Hope you can make the point…most in home construction will cut the process short…and suffer the consequences I am afraid.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the input Marvin, I agree with you as far as that is concerned. This unfortunately is not anything I have any say over. I have spoken about it, but her parents want to hire a GC.

I’m sorry that I can’t help you for that area. If ever you find the need for references in the Los Angeles area, I have several well qualified referrals.