Need help on Texas terms

Texas terminology

Lots of questions for a sparky

Texas standards use terminology that might be slang. Also looking to define some requirements.

Texas standards state (6) electrical cabinets, gutters, meter cans, and panel boards that . . . etc.

I posted a question about the meter can terminology in the Texas forum. It seems “meter can” is slang and that meter base or enclosure is more accurate. Comment?

What is the difference between a electrical cabinet and panel board?

Are the clearances for a cabinet the same as a panel board?

What are the clearance and access requirements for gutters?

“Cut out box” is referred to. Internet states “In electric wiring, a metal enclosure that houses circuit breakers or fuses; is designed for surface mounting, with a swinging door or cover to provide easy access.” Is there one term that suffices for pane board, fuse box and cut out box?

Sop state “(15) the absence of anti-oxidants on aluminum conductor terminations; “. I thought anti oxidant was not required by NEC but considered preferable. Comment please. ?

SoP states “(7) cabinets, disconnects, cutout boxes, and panel boards that do not have dead fronts secured in place with proper fasteners;” What is a proper fastener?

SoP state “(13) a panel that is installed in a hazardous location, such as a clothes closet, a bathroom, where there are corrosive or easily ignitable materials, or where the panel is exposed to physical damage;” Is there any NEC reference to corrosion, easily ignitable materials or protection from physical damage regarding location?

Not from Texas, but will try to help.

Thanks Jim, Will work through it

Cut out box is cutout box and is referenced in panel board definition. It seem similiar to cabinet defintion in NEC 100.

There are many terms for “enclosures”. TREC uses them helter skelter. Creates a lot of questions.

Texas SoP is essentially inspecting to NEC code. That is a beeeech on older homes.