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I would never, ever consider an AI based, Home Inspection focused company to perform such a technical service for Commercial property inspections!


@jjonas They have a separate team for their commercial cost estimating services. Also, Repair Pricer stated in the announcement, “Our incredibly detailed reports are produced and reviewed by an expert commercial pricing team…”.

And there’s the first major issue…
When one clicks the first link in the Internachi maze of rabbit holes, it leads to another useless page with yet another link, to yet another useless page with no real information about the Commercial service mentioned.
As I already stated above… PASS! …and I hope to hell anybody else that’s interested, take a close hard look before offering up any of their company or personal information.
Be smart, ask yourselves why you have to dig for information? I had to dig through Google just to find their website? Why? Why isn’t it offered straight up? What are they hiding or trying to sneak past you hoping you won’t catch on?

By the way… don’t forget to read through their Privacy Policy (which they hide in their Terms and Conditions page). Again WHY?

Hello Maggie,

This was an incredible claim from their FAQ page! Does INACHI know how many employees this company actually has to be able to perform all this for each report? Also they must have a HUGE staff that is able to perform surveys “every day” in “every US Zip code” to collect that much information?

Where do you get your prices from ?

Our staff perform rolling market surveys every day in every US Zip code to get labor and material rates for thousands of different repairs.

This data then gets entered into our learning database, along with real-time feedback loops for actual repair jobs from our preferred partners. We pair this information with tax records, permit history, satellite,

Google StreetView and MLS images, drone flyovers, survey information and more to create an incredibly detailed picture of your home, its features and location.

Then, our skilled Pricing Experts manually review EVERY home repair estimate report to make sure it is accurate, realistic, and ready to go. It’s why we’re trusted by thousands of real estate agents and home inspectors as the ONLY source for repair pricing.

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Did you read the last sentence under the Guarantee Of Pricing" header? Unfortunate for the Inspector who gets called on the table when a supposed $200.00 repair turns into a $20,000.00 repair! The words there should be enough for any intelligent Inspector to understand why they should stay away from quoting repair costs unless they have intimate knowledge of the conditions and that field’s current rates.

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Honestly? No I didn’t. I saw no need to read any deeper than I did.
I’ve been scanning/vetting these ‘offers’ that Nachi/Internachi posts (as have you) for many years. It doesn’t take long to see what needs seeing in a very short time. I hopefully steer others that typically don’t bother themselves with reading the fine print (like most of our clients) to the important tidbits so they can decide what is important to them.
Thanks for the info you posted. It is all quite interesting what these companies try and get away with, and what Internachi apparently misses also. I’d hate to think they intentionally allow this to happen, but can’t understand for the life of me why they don’t perform better screenings of these offers/Vendors. I guess I just always assumed they were smarter and better equipped to deal with these things. No?

I wonder if every report comes with a fart candle? :rofl:

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