Need help reading IR picturres

I could take a wet rag and create those photos. So, no there isn’t sufficient info to send them to the window company, IMHO.

Wet rag?! Do you think these are fake? He took these from inside the house when it was cold and windy outside and warm inside. This is a draft issue. So if you took these photos how would you explain the results to me as your client?

That is not what I said (fake). I was just pointing out that with IR, they are not necessarily just cold air. And, that is one way they aren’t good pics to send to the window company. YMMV

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Sorry Paul, there is just not enough information to be of help. I do see come color variations which indicates an anomaly.

I think a video of a smoke stick showing air movement would have been a bit more illustrative of the problem.

Cheap windows, poor install or they may be performing within tolerance of the original design. Hard to say from here.


How hot is your ear?

Maybe you should measure the right parts that a Vet can use.
Recommend the Vet programs, or Medical IR practices (such as Thermal Scanning for SARS or COVID etc).

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These pictures look normal to me (for what they are worth).

It takes more than turning on a thermal imager to determine anything. They mention wind speed, do they know if the pressure is positive or negative? It is never just one or the other. When you blow air into the house, the same volume of air must exit the house. You can’t see leaks from the interior when it is going out.

Tell them to go borrow a blower door and properly depressurize the house to the correct pressures…

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