Need help with clients changing rules of the game

I think you’d be happier with another inspector. Best of luck with your real estate endeavors.
Move on.


I use the Internachi Agreement and don’t see an out clause.

Check this contracts:

Mark, I’ve encountered this phony, exaggerated worry about the scope of the inspection, too, which always seemed to me an unintentional but lucky tip off that such buyers, no matter what the pre-inspection agreement says, are going to attempt to enforce the inspection report as a guarantee of condition. I don’t see how you could possibly satisfy such people when they’re already looking to hang you before you set foot on the property.

I would really like to be sued for what I didn’t inspect with all pre-inspection agreement signed
That would be hilarious in front of the judge.
Yes sir your honor… You all fill in the blanks

Yes I hear ya!
August was a weird month for young, 1st time buyers that believe the world owes them something.

I emailed this “wonderful fellow” to remind him the inspection was still not paid for, he said the invoice went to his spam folder. Funny how everything else from me he got just fine.

I recommended a licensed electrician further evaluate the CB panels and also check with the insurance agent to be sure the brand was acceptable (they were Challenger with different brand breakers).
So he responds trying to scrounge around, hinting I should pay for all new smoke detectors in the home.
I responded about the detectors, but I also asked questions about the panels.
Of course he never told me anything about what happened. Didn’t write back.
Why should he after he realized there was NOTHING in it for him?
I found out yesterday the deal is dead.

I had a client threaten to sue me over items I “don’t inspect.”

The condo was occupied by a hoarder and when the client finally moved in, the unit was infested with cockroaches. I specifically disclaim identification of any type of insect infestation, but I certainly wasn’t surprised at the infestation. Considering the condition of the unit when we inspected it, I would have expected cockroaches.

The client was apparently not concerned with the overwhelming odor of cat urine, but the cockroaches sent her over the edge…

You have an Inspection “Agreement”, not a “Contract”.

An agreement is any understanding or arrangement reached between two or more parties. A contract is a specific type of agreement that, by its terms and elements, is legally binding and enforceable in a court of law.

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I disagree, when you have a promise of duty (inspection) in exchange for a fee, you have a law binding contract. That contract better have an early termination clause for cases such as one brought up by OP. Without it the inspector is on the hook to perform the inspection once the inspection date is confirmed. If the “agreement” was not a contract, it would be completely useless & irrelevant.


Well, I have no intention of arguing with stupid.

How is it that you believe that YOU are stuck with the pre-inspection agreement while your client obviously believes that it can still be negotiated?

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Mark, you didn’t get paid before the inspection?

You already know the answer so what’s the big to-do here

I am not sure in the ature of your ‘game’. But may be it is better just pay and that’s it?

The terms “agreement” and “contract” are used interchangeably, but legally speaking, they are two different things. An agreement is simply an understanding or arrangement between two or more parties. A contract is a specific agreement with terms and conditions that are enforceable court.

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Welcome back, Mr Andersen!

For the past six months I’ve been really good about sending out a PayPal link for payment and about 50% of the time that is paid before the inspection but no in this case I was not paid