Need Help With Pricing,,

Hello fellow members, My name is Leonard, and I’m located in the tri-state area, and I have recently taken and passed the Fire Extinguisher Inspection course, I now have an opportunity to bid on [FONT=Arial][size=2]annual inspection, maintenance, recharging, six (6) year
maintenance, hydrostatic testing, and repairing of fire extinguishers,
[/size][/FONT]contract involving 1600 Extinguishers, My question is how do I go about Pricing this service or a cost breakdown, that would be compatible to todays market, I am also open to members willing to join me in this opportunity, I appreciate any help that you can provide .

Thank You.

that’s strange! Fire extinguisher inspections? why not do the whole friggin structure along with the fire extinguishers.

I didn’t mean to be short with that comment. However most apartment complexes and buildings commercial sites. have a contract with a fire extinguisher company to make sure everything’s up the date.
when I do commercial inspections I do look at the tag and fire extinguisher gauge to make sure that the date and the gauge are proper. and inform the client to make sure they call the fire extinguisher company which usually on sticker on the extinguishers to make sure they continue their annual inspection,

Leonard, there are 50 states. Which 3 make up the tri-states?

That’s what I do. I do not know what it takes to be an inspector of them here in Florida. I mean really what do you do just look at the age / expiration date and see gauge says full? I am really guessing as that’s what I do with those I have.

I was also wondering that one. I bet Hawaii is not one of them :slight_smile:

What Leonard wants to do has nothing to do with inspections, it is maintenance. He will be the guy who puts those new tags on the fire extinguishers we check.

Leonard you will need a few hours of training for extinguisher recharging if you don’t have any, but it ain’t brain surgery, so go for it.

I would charge out at roughly the same rate you pay labor for, say getting you car fixed, or what tradesmen charge out per hour when working cost plus, somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 bucks an hour. You need to pay for your time, your tools, transportation etc., so it is not excessive. You will also need to charge for materials, so make sure you mark them up somewhat too. Maybe post your question in the contractor section of this MB for more expert advice.

how long will the inspection take and what hourly rate do you think you can charge?

Thank you guys for all your help, and comments.

My guy charges $12 each for inspection and fill. Does it require some kind of certification in your tri-state? You’ll also need inspection tags.

There are 1600 Extinguishers all ranging from classes A,B and C from 5lb to 20lb, then you have the CO2 5-20lb then water 2.5lb, then class K and class D, all for different fire sources.
Prices are to include all costs (ie; labor, travel, and all parts/tags

Frank, yes it dose require a certification if your interested you can be certified through interNACHI. 2 HOUR Tops.

Thank you Jeffrey, I found the video to be very helpful…

We have to have our fire extinguishers inspected every year in our building complex. It’s not hard to learn how:

As for pricing, you can’t charge more than the cost of a new fire extinguisher :wink:

Anyway, fire extinguisher and fire door inspections are awesome because they have to be done every year or two years.