Need Hvac Info....................

We just recently moved into a home that currently has the following model AC…Keeprite (we hope) Model NAC030AKA5. It seems to work fine but doesn’t seem to cool the house to the desired temp The house is about 1300 sq ft with a finished half basement. It is a split level with vaulted ceiling in living rm and dining room. Does anyone know the SEER rating on this model and the size (tonage). Any other owners info would be a great help too. Thanks in advance.


The size is 2.5 ton, and should be plenty big enough for a house your size. You might want to just call a local heating/AC person and have them check it out. It might just be low on coolant.

splits are particulaly hard to cool up stairs…I added a couple of power vents to my attic spaces and solved that problem…might be worth looking into…jim

2.5 ton

If it seems to be working, than it must be the house that is the problem.

Where do you live?
The SEER should have nothing to do with anything when you look at the current national weather conditions.

You can not effectively cool two levels of the house with one unit (unless it is designed to do so).

Thanks for the feedback, guys. We are just west of St Louis and the house is about 3 yrs old. It may be the open ceilings.


I’m in St. Peters. If you need the name of an awesome HVAC person, let me know. Easiest way to contact me is through my web site

Is the “desired temperature” the thermostat reading or a temperature that you feel comfortable at?

It is very vague when you say that it seems to be working.

If you are concerned about the set point temperature on the thermostat, this is a dry bulb temperature and it tells you nothing about what the equipment is doing.

I was inspecting a high-rise apartment complex today that has a chilled water air-conditioning system. The units ran throughout the inspection and none of the thermostat thermometers dropped. The equipment was removing latent heat (moisture) (water was pouring out of the condensate lines). Until the appropriate amount of moisture is removed from the air, the dry bulb temperature will not go down.