Need Information Please

I received a call tonight to conduct a final inspection of energy efficient windows for a Wells Fargo client. My Inspection company is located in Illinois.

  1. Is there special licensing required to conduct this inspection? From my understanding it is just confirming no windows are broken,cracked, open and close correctly and safety features are in tact.
  2. Is there a report (forms) for this inspection.
  3. From the research I have done the Fee seems to average around $250 Does that sound right?
    Any help will be useful thank you.

Why would they call it an “inspection of energy efficient windows” unless they wanted you to take responsibility for the energy performance of these windows?
Tell them to call it a “visual window inspection” if that is what they really want.
Be careful with banks and insurance companies, they got stuck with a lot of extreme junk and are looking for ways to reduce their liability in the future.

Thank You Bruce

I would be surprised if they pay more than $40.00. Keep us informed.

They’re wanting a “final inspection” on a 203k rehab. To do that you must be on the HUD/FHA approved inspector roster.

Thank You Christopher & Jeffrey