Need Level II Electrician in the north TX Area

Jutst go this in…

LEVEL 2 certified electrician Certified Infrared Thermographer that could
bid or do a job for us here in Denison, Tx.? We have three panels that need to be done.

Contact me asap…

What is a Level 2 certified electrician?

Guess they mean Level II Certified Infrared Thermographer. Guess there is really a need for formal education after all.

Scott, i was told by the owner, confusion came from their insurance co. requesting the scans. they have a master electrician on site that is also questioning their request and will ably handle the required duties. she’s going to contact the ins. for clarification.

thanks for posting John she called me about the time you posted…

OK… glad you took care of it.


The insurance companies are hitting it hard over the past year for this type of work. We see quite a few of these and the wording is always weird. We had a plastic injection molding company with 7 plants nationwide that took over 6 months to get the bid approved due to the original wording of the insurance company.

Panels, disconnects, transformers, etc are the easiest money in IR that I know of. If they are bid right and done right, even a mid sized one will buy you just about any long wave camera you want.

Scott, level II and sometimes level III, is pretty common on these RFQs.


Where are you getting the leads on the bids for these jobs? Are they finding you on the web or do you subscribe to Dodge Reports, Bid Clerk etc.?

I really do not want to put this out in the open, due to local competition. Plus, I tell all my customers about it. Let me make sure there is no one in your area that we already sell to. If not, I will drop you a line with the info.


Thanks Jason.

I think I found the source. Is it a “Stockton” service?

Nope. It is not a service, it is a lead source. You have to do all the marketing to the potential clients yourself, or hire that out. It is definitely not a build it and they will come type of marketing plan and all the high ranking in Google generally does not penetrate these types of clients, so you do not have to worry about low ballers. It does require a lot of work, networking and educating the customer. The insurance companies will generate the work for you, which doesn’t matter if the potential client doesn’t even know you exist.


Some insurance companies (like CNA) have their own thermographers.