Need more inspection work? Generate a stream of inspection leads from your website.


This is really cool. Thanks Nick and the gang!

It takes work getting it hooked up on your website. I think my directions are pretty clear though. And then you have to work the leads. I would create a system to do this or have your office help do it. But once you get the pipeline filled, it will generate inspection work for you.

I essentially use a similar system of lead generation in other businesses. Capturing and working leads is like investing in your business.

Hi Nick,

I’ve looked at this a couple times and I’m not seeing it.

When a client comes to my site, they want to get a sense of who I am and the way I do business.
They’re going to like what they see and make contact or not.
I don’t think offering a booklet is going to make a difference IMHO.
2 cents worth.

You’re confusing conversion with lead generation. Both are important but this is not a conversion tool. It would likely work just as well had it been published in Chinese.

CMI is a conversion tool.

This is a lead generation tool.

Correct. And so we want to give the portion of your visitors who fall into that latter category a compelling option other than leave your site. If you were a Toledo homebuyer about to buy a home in Toledo and you were on a webpage that offered a free ebooklet titled “What Every Homebuyer in Toledo, Ohio, Must Know” you are damn sure going to click on it.

And once the inspector captures that visitor’s contact information (a visitor who the inspector knows is about to hire a home inspector in his/her local market)… the inspector can then start selling him/herself (working that lead). This is an opportunity for the inspector that would have otherwise been lost had the visitor simply left the inspector’s homepage.

Remember, the inspector has NO CLUE as to why the visitor would have otherwise left. Maybe the visitor didn’t like what he/she saw (like you said). Maybe the visitor is checking 3 or 4 home inspection websites. Maybe the visitor isn’t quite ready to schedule the home inspection yet. It doesn’t matter why the visitor would have otherwise left without making contact. It only matters that the inspector plugs this hole in his figurative visitor bucket so that those visitors captured (leads generated) can then be converted (some immediately, some slowly) into paying clients.

P.S. To covert a lead, you must first capture it.

Thanks for explaining, I understand your reasoning better.
On any website , there are a number of things to “Click on”.

A booklet may or may not be of interest to the potential client.
My guess is that a booklet would not be high on their “click list”.

Correct. That is why you have to author the hyperlinked text to make it unique and likely compelling to that visitor. That generally requires the hyperlink text to include the words “Hombuyer” and the name of your local market (town or city). Why? Because visitors to your inspection business website are likely all homebuyers and likely all homebuyers in your local market. Since you know this much about them, you want to tailor the hyperlinked text to offer them something particularly interesting to them. This increases click rate.

Thomas, good comments. I re-wrote STEP 3.

Always good to knock ideas around, I’ll talk to my web guy and we might give it a whirl!

Looking at the blue booklet, which is the one I would use.

12 - “Patty cake inspector”?

15 - “minor imperfections”. To me that suggests cosmetic issues, which should not be part of an inspection report. And not good to encourage home buyers in that direction.

15 D - “exposed live buss bar…”

Too technical for homebuyers IMO.

The purpose of the eBooklets have nothing to do with their content and the content isn’t designed to sell your inspection services. The main purpose of the eBooklets is to capture your visitors’ email addresses so that you can sell your inspection services. This lead generator system would work just as well had the eBooklets been written in Chinese.

Nick, your original thread on this said it would be available as a Word doc. Is that available yet?

I like it.

Although “Visit the home in the rain.” makes me chuckle, because if home buyers in Los Angeles waited for it to rain before buying, they would be waiting a very long time. Even though it is good advise.

Understood, but if I put it on my site it has to be well written and reflect how I do business. Can we edit the booklet?

I have customized the cover. What do you think?

I love it!

Remember though, don’t just give it away as a free download. The purpose of these things have nothing to do with the eBooklets themselves. Their purpose is to trade them for inspection leads that you can then work.