Need remodel contractor-Broward

South Florida

Broward-Hollywood area have friend that needs the following:

include knocking out a couple walls, a kitchen remodel, master bath remodel, add a bath, new flooring, interior/exterior painting, etc.

Trying to find out if its a condo and if so what floor or a SF Home as soon as I know I will post --thanks --Fred

Call Panda. No one can compete :frowning:

got a web site phone number Mike ? Hope all is well !

Mike----never mind found it thanks

Chick Chandler is the only contractor I recommend 786-367-9797

All is good enough Fred here is store locator for specific places.

My brother in law uses them and they are large and have good buying power and apparently good and speedy service.

I trust them more than any craigslister.

I do not know Dennis’s guy but do trust Dennis’s opinion and definitely would call his guy as well.

Explain to them the importance of comparing apples to apples and not to oranges and get a minimum of 4 prices so they have negotiating power.