Need RSS feed for home inspections

Does anybody know of a good RSS feed for home inspectors or home inspection related content? This would be for my personal home inspection website


Here’s the site

and here is what it looks like on my site

Ray, check out the article I wrote on adding RSS feeds to your website. If you click on any of the SEO tips I have in the computer section there’s an index on the bottom listing all the articles, or just go to my site.

does it work on grassfrog sites?

Read over the RSS article I wrote. Some of the guys from grassfrog tried it. I cant remember if they got it to work or not.


Got the following when I went to your website . . . is this right?

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Yes, RSS feeds work on grassfrog sites. I’ve had them in the past when I was making a push into Mexico…

Gary your website, says its for sale, is this true?

Eragorn, Gary isn’t using it any more. Looks like it’s up for auction: