Need software help

What the cheapest and best software to sort my photos. I have Pixela, too heavy, but does the job, b/c it puts them order just w/drag and drop AND it puts in folders per job.

Anyone have better alternatives, preferrably free alternatives.

O and another question, how many pictures do you guys take per property.

For some reason, I’m feeling I take too many. Thanks in advance!!!

How many pictures you take depends on how you like to work. A lot of people take 100-150 pictures. Personally, I only take pictures of major issues and in places where I feel it’s unsafe for someone to be (eg. crawlsapce & attic).

I rather take notes down in my tablet checklist. It’s just the way that works for me.

BTW, the cheapest is not necessarily the best. Look for value 1st and then cost.

Have you tried Picasa2, free from Google?

You don’t need to put every photo you take in your report, use the best and most relevant, but take as many as you can and keep them on file in case any questions or complaints about your inspection arise at a later time.

I have tried Picasa, a little to light weight and featureless, the most important thing 2 me is be able to sort, and keep in the order that I have sorted the photos in, which that program seems unable to do. Pixela works, but just heavy, and take a few more steps than I would like to do something

If you go Cheap you get what you pay for.
I recommend InspectVue


This one I just downloaded and is great for organizing with online storage and off.

Irfanview is free. I have Photoshop but for quickly sorting and some resizing Irfanview is fine and fast. It has filters and lots of plugins to do other things but since I have Photoshop I use it for more complicated stuff and leave Irfanziew for sorting and sizing.

I use PaintShop Pro (I think it costs about $50, but it cost me nothing).

Here’s an article you may find useful about free open-source software.,134437/article.html

Gimpshop (formerly Gimp) has a lot of features that Photoshop does. Since I have Photoshop I have not tried it but it has been around as open source for a pretty long time. It is not likely a lite duty program but it has been rated highly by many.