Need some help...

That would take me awhile to try and explain Robert.
They have the wrong hangers and the single truss on the bearing wall does not have the girder truss capacity to hold the weight of the main trusses.

Look carefully, and you see the first gable truss behind the brick with the sheathing on it and it is flush with the inside of the wall requireing hangers to hold the trusses.

Now the first 4 trusses, I don’t see web chords for the first 6’ and don’t know what that is about.

They also have mice in the attic. :wink:

The main trusses were ordered to short to bear on the wall of the garage or an error was made.
I would have to be there to see more.

Robert, I was only questioning the type and size of the hangers used for the roof trusses.

But I like those links. :slight_smile: That Encyclopedia of Trusses is slick.

Cameron, any other pictures of that attic?:slight_smile:

Love to see toooo.:slight_smile:

No unfortunately not of this attic. :frowning:

Marcel, I believe there was a header over the top of the garage door and below the girder truss, wouldn’t that be enough to support the main trusses?

That is the problem, if it would have been installed to the exterior side of the bearing wall plate, there would have been enough room for the main trusses to bear on the wall where the type of hangers would not be an issue.
With the way it was constructed the main roof support is bearing on only one 2x6 gable end truss in lie of this type of connection;

That is why I keep saying the main trusses might have been to short and they took alternate methods to make it work.
Here is what they could of done with the right hangers to reinforce the single gable truss.;

Only an engineer now could make the load calculations to see if this needs to be modified.
Structures can stay up built wrong for a long time, but when it fails, no one knows.
That is why everything today is Engineered, to protect the public. :):wink:

Even with the header over the garage door the opposing end needs the same bearing if that was the intent of the architect.

The photo above is my jest of the issue Marcel is describing. It is not doubled. We have addressed the hang issue.
Am I correct?
If I am. What would be a narrative excluding the recommend engineer.

if those trusses are not on top of wall plate , that to me is incorrect, a deck maybe.