Need some input on this

Inspected this home the other day and noticed the placement of this junction box. There use to be hot tub here but it has been removed. My question is the location, specifically the height from the deck and proximity to the hot tub (even though the hot tub is no longer present). Id say it was located only 6-12 inches from the location of where the hot tub sat.

Any and all advice or input is appreciated.

trip hazard a banded electric box on deck . Recommend removal.

Thanks Roy. What are your thoughts on the height from the deck? It sits approx 6-8 feet from the pool. Even though the box is sealed I imagine there are some safety concerns. The buyer has stated that he does not intend to install a hot tub so I am going to recommend removal but I want to cover my basis in case he has second thoughts.

I would simply say, there was an electrical box on the patio that appears to have been for a previous installation. As there is no device attached to this particular box, it presents a possible tripping Hazard and as it is not being used for anything removal is recommended.

I routinely run into situations where there are electrical junction boxes and something used to be hooked up to them and nothing is now. If they are not serving any purpose, then remove them. This way if your client decides to put something else in there you recommended that it should be removed, and if it turns out that whatever is wired in there is wrong it’s not your problem.

Very good points Eric. I have definitely decided to recommend removal. I don’t believe the box meets the minimum height requirements from water level but I’ll just recommend removal and that should be that.