Need Support

I don’t mean to sound like a pansey but I just started as an applicant and through taking the courses, have trouble understanding some of the concepts. Before I started a week ago, I have been in the auto industry for 12 years and very well versed in my industry.
Now you can say I am entering the construction trade industry at age 38 and getting frustrated because it’s all new to me. Anyway, I’m sure there are many of you who started with little to no background in inspections and construction. What helped you?

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An interesting string here .

Keep taking the courses. Do independent research (such as searching this forum) as you study to find images and specific circumstances that will give you different perspectives.

Seriously, keep at it. Often times repeating a course after taking a related course will really make things sink in, such as the home energy courses and the attic, insulation, ventilation, and interiors course.

Good luck!

Thank You and I will do just that.

Hi James, what made you decide to enter this field of work?

I too entered this field from a completely separate industry: I was in the Computer Industry.

Don’t be afraid to say “I don’t know the answer, but I will do some research and get back to you”. This career is much the same as others: continual education is the key to climbing on top. Don’t be afraid of some of the responses you will undoubtedly receive to ask a question. It isn’t brain surgery, but does take time and effort.


Start with looking at graphics. You will see things you did not know and learn the terminology. Once you understand the vernacular the classes will be easier.

Agree with others. I did come from a construction background so transition was easier. Stick with it, repetion if needed, look terms up if needed. Look at it this way, I’m sure there’s plenty of things you know about a car (assuming you meant auto mech.) that I have no clue about. That knowledge didn’t come overnight either. Give it time and keep learning. We all learn everyday. Even with my background and my state requires training I’m still learning and seeing new things that I need to research further. That’s what makes it fun…

Turn your TV off (No one cares if everyone love Raymond or if the NY Yankees win or lose, that’s all a waste of time) and read all these articles:

I always had an interest in the construction industry. I did some roofing with my cousin some years back and did frame work for a company in Texas for a short time. I was usually always the helping hand and never really learned much. I have been in automotive so long and started as a lube tech and moved around all the way to store manager. I’m almost 40 now and the industry is getting old. Kinda like " been there done that" sort of thing. I think it’s time to move on. The passion is gone.

Good fun is what I need. Thanks all for your responses. I will definately take the advice.

Lol. I expected a response like that from you. I had to laugh. I’m glad I don’t watch tv. Lol. Thanks

The inspection industry I would not consider being in the construction industry but that is just my opinion. I would say the majority of homes you inspect will not be anywhere new construction BUT that is just my opinion.

Either way welcome and have fun.

Keep taking the courses. Anything is difficult before it becomes easy. You can do this!

Know any builders? offer to help on site for free or cheap wages when available. awesome experience in the trenches