Need to know????

Think globally, act locally !

Really? How so?



We certainly are not helping it ! It’s a big world, but we leave a mighty big foot print in it.

Raymond, you have failed to advance the discussion by not answering ANY of the questions I posted.
I would like to have a discussion. Please ask me any questions you may have after you answered the what I posted.:slight_smile:

Would you like to try again?

Michael why would I argue with someone intent on being a smart ***?

Originally Posted by mlarson

  1. If we accept the premise that “global warming” is actually occurring, what can or should be done about it?

A change in attitude to start, act now before it gets worse, or un treatable. *

I’m not sure you have explained your attitude. Please define untreatable.*

There is tons of free, renewable, clean fuel out there waiting to be used. Sun, wind, tides, but to name a few. *

If they are free, clean, or renewable, why have they not been used more extensively?

  1. Again-If we accept the premise that “global warming” is actually occurring, are there any “winners” or only losers if we do nothing?

We all lose if we don’t change the way we think and act toward climate change.*

Any evidence?*

  1. If we endeavor to meet the goals of the Kyoto protocols, what will that mean for our futures and more importantly our children?

See number two*

Define: lose*

  1. If we find that the “costs” of mitigating “global warming” (likely well beyond what Kyoto call for) are those $$$$$$$ better spent anywhere else?

What will it cost us if we do nothing?*

Great question, do you know?*

Is the $400 billion dollars (and counting) that you are spending in Iraq better spent elsewhere?*

Not germane to this issue. But IMHO, no. (It takes much more explaining and that’s for another day)

The ice caps are melting thus they are not reflecting the sun and ultraviolet. No reflection increased temperatures. How long do you suppose it took to freeze all that open water and glacier melt? Thousands of years, its melting faster then it was created.

I believe you know all the answers you are looking for, but you are trying to start an argument.

It comes down to this:

  1. Stop pretending climate change is not happening - it is.

  2. Stop pretending man has nothing to do with it - we do.

  3. Accept the reality of 1 & 2 and act on it.

No but if you want beach front property buy property along interstate 95. At this rate of melt it won’t take long.

Help lower water levels make ice cubes and stockpile them in your freezer! :mrgreen::mrgreen:

I have no desire to argue.

I do desire to discuss and present an opportunity for all to understand more fully the conclusions/beliefs they have endorsed. I may or may not agree with them. I could take either side of the “argument”. It’s called discussion.
You may also want to look up the term Socratic Method. It will help you understand why I ask so many questions.:wink:

Come on Raymond, we all might learn something.

For example:

If sea level rises by one meter as some predict, what exactly will happen?

If the global mean temperature rises by 1-3 degrees(my arbitrary figures) is that definitely a bad thing? (One word answer not acceptable):wink:

It is well for young men to remember that no bubble is so iridescent or floats longer than that blown by the successful teacher. Sir William Osler.

I thought it was kinda fitting. :wink:


Does the ice in the glass of water raise or lower the level of water as it melts?

You may want to look up the term “Quid Pro Quo”. It will help you to have a fair and balanced discussion.:wink:

Isn’t that what I order at the Sushi place, Quid pro Quo. Its good whatever it is! :mrgreen:

Not as good as it used to be, remember when it came with out the Mercury filling :slight_smile:

They hang it upside down in a freezer for 24 hours so the mercury goes to the head. Then they cut off the head and make thermometers, or grind it up and feed it to farm Salmon. Yummy.

Eat Tuna make Mercury part of your diet.

No Harp seals were clubbed to death in the making of this post.
This site environmentally friendly.

Jason, Yes that’s what I am looking for “give and take”
I started by asking questions.
This alway leads to more questions and that’s perfectly natural.

I would like you to answer the questions as best you can and feel free to ask questions in return. I will answer them as best I can and that will include a question sometimes. If you think I am being unfair or unbalanced please point that out with an explanation. The idea is for both parties to exchange information in support of their conclusions. If you would rather not participate that is up to you.

I have extensive fillings most of which contain Mercury.

Should I be sick or something?