Need to purchase a laptop

Im in the market to purchase a new laptop. Does anyone know of a good source to purchase one?

best buy or office depot

I’m sure others will add sources.

Micro center.

Make sure you get long battery life.

Those Net books take a beating.(just use aux hardrive )

Sony Vaio at Best Buy

Eric, is this for home inspections or for general use? If it’s for home inspections, I’d recommend a CTL2go Tablet for $439 instead.

acer is rated one of the best for laptops.

Don’t look here for good ratings for Acer!

Costco, they double the warranty. Sony is like apple, only for fan bois, too much proprietary crap for me.

Agree… start here… compare elsewhere… come back and buy! :smiley:

Linus is just jeolous because he hitched his wagon to all those terrible Apple products like the i phone which is no longer being sold in New York.:wink:

He wishes he bought a Android.

We’re talking laptops here Bob. I have a Dell Inspiron 1545 which was about $1500 with upgrades. You don’t need to spend that much just for a home inspection machine,that was my personal choice after reading all the reviews. As far as the Gargoil copycat phone, I don’t see any of your followers here getting a hard on over it like you do.:p:p I don’t waste my time walking around like a little kid with a new toy in my gooey hand.:p:p I actually spend my time finding work and working on my award winning website!!:p:p

I do not waste my time worrying about if other Inspectors like my sites Linus but congratulations anyway.

Glad you got 20 guys to vote for it.:slight_smile:

Your jealousy is showing Gargoil Bob.:p:p Next time one of your sites is nominated I’ll make sure I’m one of the 4 guys that give you my support.:p:p