I need 16 hrs of TREC (TX) CE for this year.

Anyone know of any coming up in the Dallas to Houston area with in
the next month?

John…there are several decent on-line courses available that I’ve used. Are you really just wanting a live class? TAREI’s Summer Conference is coming up in July in S.A. I think. Check their website.

Personally, I lean about 1000% when I get around a live education event
and all the discussion that goes on. I’m sure the online courses are good,
but I prefer a live class.

Thanks for the info.


If you get a chance I would be interested in the on-line courses. Were these pre-approved by TREC?

There are a number of approved online and correspondence mixed within this list


Manny…I’ve used . Look on the left under Home Inspector Renewal Courses. They are inexpensive, you get a small book and study guide within a couple of days and then take the online test and get a certificate at that time. All TREC approved.

To port or starboard? That can probably be adjusted with some ballast :slight_smile:

I’m learning not to lean (and to check my spelling :mrgreen:…)

BTW… I just signed up for the TAREI conference in San Antonio, TX.

C U there


Thanks for the info. The prices are actually reasonable and being in the boondocks it saves a lot on travel.

In the past I tried one organizations distance course and was extremely disappointed at the low quality. This also happened to be an institute of higher learning. Having someone’s review who took a course from a distance learning supplier helps to prevent wasted money.

Thanks again!

Well, I do have to admit that the courses I took were not stellar and did not meet the standards you would get at a live course. On the other hand, there is a limited number of on-line or correspondence courses available for CE and these at CETC are probably as good as any. Don’t get your hopes up too high though.