Need URGENT help with question regarding fixing electrical panel in home

We are negotiating with seller on a property, and the biggest issue that came up during home inspection was the electrical panel. I need some advice on how to proceed with this issue, and how to get the seller to fix it for us.

Here are the home specs:
Style - single family home
Sqft. - 2500
Basement - 900 sqft. (partial)

Issue: 60 amp panel, with double tapped circuit breakers to bring 100 amps into the home.
The home has a Zinsco electrical panel. And the home inspector pointed out that it had reached it’s capacity, and this was a safety issue concerning the double tapped circuit breakers and recommended a replacement of the panel. He quoted a low end estimate of around $4000.

So we had requested the seller to look into this issue, and upgrade to 200 amps while they are replacing the panel. Seller called their own electrician to review. And the electrician is saying that it is a 100 amp panel. And that he would “fix some of the breakers” to get it to par. And that 100 amp service is enough for a 2500 sqft. home. So now the seller is reluctant to replace the panel and upgrade to 200 amps.

Our real estate agent (who is a family friend) has used the same electrician in her home, so she recommends I should call and speak to the electrician myself to find out about the issue and his recommendations.

History about existing renters in the home: They use 10+yr old appliances in the home. And during home inspection, when the dish washer would change cycles the lights would flicker in the entire house. Clearly, 100 amp service is not enough. And when we move in we will have newer appliances (all electric powered, not gas) and plan to have larger TV’s, and a home theater in the basement and possibly a back up generator.

Questions for all electricians and people with experience in this area:

Is 100 amp service really enough to power our stuff in this home?
What is ideal for this type of home?
Would “fixing the breakers” really resolve the problem?
The seller has been very stubborn through out our negotiations in fixing any health and safety issues. Is there anything I can say to the seller that would change her mind about fixing the home?

If you guys have any info please let me know. I have until tomorrow to respond to respond to the seller.


You are the purchaser . It is up to you to except the home or reject it .
You can try and negotiate for what you feel is fair .
The owner can say sorry this is the way it is.
Sorry I can not make a decision for you

I would get another opinion from 2 or more Qualified and Reputable electrical contractors.

You do need an independent opinion or two here, the only way to go…