need WDO certified operator advice

Sorry, but this is a re-post from 1/31. I’m still hoping to learn of
someone who will work with me on WDO inspections. Anyone out there?

That might not be the best idea. There is a guy in Ft Pierce that has 86 card holders and the state is going to crack down.

best of luck either way you go.

I always hate when someone goes in after the fact, knowing there are termites in the home. It makes it real easy for them to find something and make the statement “he should have seen this”. I am not saying the first is inspector was right, and maybe he did miss signs, but who knows what he was looking at during the first inspection. From the film, most of that drywall looks new. I had that problem once years ago. I actually called out termite damage, but did not catch the damage to the interior door frames. The next inspector coming in went around the house with a hammer banging on everything and of course he could hear the hallow sounds. Then he took out his screwdriver and ripped apart the door frames, and i mean ripped apart.

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