need work

Hello everyone. My name is Logan Peavy I live in the North Houston area and I am new to the inspection world and I am looking for part time work in the Houston, TX area and looking to gain some experience If anyone is hiring please message me thank you

Are you licensed in Texas?

TREC # 23161
TCEQ # MT0000886

Trying to gain some experience so i can better serve in the future


I am really not just trying to be petty here, but why would anyone hire someone who is in such a hurry to get his message posted that he cannot be bothered to punctuate his sentences? This does not indicate the patience, attention to detail, and ability to write in complete and coherent sentences that are among the essential skills needed to write a proper report.

Thank you for the feed back. I’m actually a single father and at the time had 2 screaming children at my hip, so yea, it was rushed. Please do not judge me on that. I am just trying to better the lives of my family. I would consider myself well educated and very articulate. I am extremely detailed oriented and I have more patients than most. I do apologize. Thank you again

I will let you figure out where the missing 6 commas should be placed. Yes, words and punctuation matter. There is no better place to practice than your message board posts, especially when seeking employment. :wink:

You are welcome. Hopefully you will see the take-away here: People will form impressions based on how you present yourself, be it on the phone, at your website, in print, on forums, etc. Better to wait until the kids are asleep or otherwise engaged to send out messages to prospective employers.

One more pedantic observation: Patience is the quality of being patient. Patients are what doctors see.

Best of luck, and God’s blessings on you and your family!

How about posting your e-mail and Phone number too.