Needed for HoH2 in Weston FL: Stucco and masonry contractors

We need someone who can install hardcoat and EIFS correctly.

Brick and artificial stone.

…to be installed in a couple of the wall cladding sections:

Isn’t Mike Meeker the stucco expert? He lives somewhere around there.

Good grief, then it really would be a house of horrors.:cool:

It would be his chance to put up or shut up.

Besides he would have his AC. :mrgreen:

Keep him busy there. :mrgreen:

hey Kent
i could use a vaca if a Supervisor is required
have sleeping bag will travel
ran crews for years all over the states & done a few inspex through my career
it’d be great to spend some time together again
give me a buzz if interested, i’m serious!

Just goto Home Depot parking lot and hire 20 guys that have no idea what they are doing… HOHII will have all of the stucco/ EIFS… brick/artificial stone defects that are commonly found here.:wink:

Hope to see ya soon!

In each of these stations we’d like to do it wrong on the left side and do it right on the right t side, so we really need someone who knows how to do it right.

We just shot the pool with gunnite. Maybe we should have stuck some foam on one section, shot two sections with gunnite, slapped on a color coat and called them stucco and EIFS. :mrgreen:

Maybe shouldn’t joke about that, bet it’s been done before.

Looks like Dryvit is going to take care of it for us.