Negative Pitch Toward Foundation

Inspection of a 4 year old townhome today. Seller did not agree to home inspection. Neighbors adjoining back yard is about 6" higher and pitched toward my clients 5’ of back yard. Storm sewer is at the rear of my clients home. During heavy rainfall all water rolls towards my clients foundation before ending in storm sewer. Was the foundation poured too low? How could this pass municipal inspections? Could a variance have allowed this? I’ve only seen this once before and my client walked.




That must be the one you were talking about.
If they did not agree to Inspection,what were you doing there?

From here it looks like house in back has same problem with lot sloping toward foundation. Was the storm sewer drain installed after the home was built?

No that is the same building-they are townhomes. Storm sewer was part of construction.

Just another piss poor Site design Linas.
Makes you wonder how they get it approved. :slight_smile:

Add some dirt! That fixes everything

I agree Marcel. Looks like this may be allowed. I will refer to an engineer for further evaluation.

Grading from fndn min 6in/10ft {6in/6ft} EXC F1 [401.3]
5% slope to swale OK when barrier prevents 6in/10ft[401.3X]4

I was referring to house with red shutters on right side. The angle is not as great as gray building, still slopes in opposite direction.