NEHA renews InterNACHI's educational membership through 2012.

NEHA educational membership.

Great news Nick. Just one more step in the right direction for NACHI and all of us as members…Keep up the good agressive work.:cool:

Will this happen with Radon?

I have sent Nick emails twice about getting InterNACHI’s radon course approved in Kansas. He did respond back, and was to have his office staff work on it. I have yet to hear a response. There is a class in Leavenworth KS Feb. 7th. Deadline is Jan. 23rd to register. Two days. I have yet to decide. It is also another $375.

It seams between memberships, termite, radon, insurance, it’s $200 here, $300 there. With slow home sales, it is tough here in Kansas. Everyone wants my money, but getting it is another story.

No inspector should ever have to pay for training.

Tell that to the lawmakers of Kansas.

What world do you live in?

I want a world where they also don’t pay for vehicles, tools, insurance and advertising…then I could afford to join here…oh! no testing also…a perfect HI world!!!

Gee how much did it cost you to get you NCA .