Neighborhood Environmental Reports - Special Offer

Hi everyone. My name is Kenny Peng and I am from EDR(Environmental Data Resources) I am here to help you improve your Home Inspection Services!

News stories surface every day about families that are affected by environmental contamination. Knowing what is around a property is becoming more important to home buyers. By offering The Neighborhood Environmental Report, you’ll be able to provide your clients with valuable information.

What is the Neighborhood Environmental Report?
The Neighborhood Environmental Report helps you deliver peace of mind to your customers while setting yourself apart. In minutes, the NER searches 1,400 databases and millions of records of potential land and groundwater contamination surrounding an address. The NER includes:
• Environmental Spill Records
• Meth Labs
• Flood Map
• Wetlands Map
• And more! View a sample

How are other Home Inspectors using it?
Many Home Inspectors position the NER as one of several valuable resources that you include as part of your thorough inspection service. Sites in rural, urban and suburban areas all may have issues. Including the NER on every inspection brings consistency to your brand while adding value to your service.

Sign up for our subscription, get 16 page environmental reports for approximately $1 an inspection!

Sorry… you didn’t even make it to First Base…

As a professional home inspector don’t you feel special Jeff. Everybody seems to want to collect and use “our information”. :D:shock:

…and for this, the client receives publicly available information about his neighborhood.

Do you also offer a 90-day warranty or check for product recalls like other lead brokers?

This is where they REALLY lost any chance of my biz…

I’m now realizing why recent changes to our COE were made. Tha gates are now open.

Those inspectors that do use these vendors should STOP giving it away and and in some cases actually pay the vendor for some token gimmick then give the info. Why don’t these Inspectors SELL the client info for some real Money. Like 25 or 50 bucks a pop. Heck these vendors keep telling us and bragging about how much money they are making? and it is all off Inspectors hard work and their clients info.

Hummm food for thought. Might need to make this a separate thread.


Jeffrey, What we do is identical to thousands (nearly all) of other websites….Amazon, Netflix, Walmart, Google etc.c.
Here I listed 2 of their policies,

Any big websites you use often and you probably not realize have the same exact policy as us, it is just a general policy.

This is if you used their services, and just like all other websites do, we have to make it clear that we are not responsible for these, what third parties do to the information provided by you using their services.

What are you willing to pay the inspector for this information that you are collecting about his clients? We have some vendors willing to provide free or discounted services for it. Some pay up to $200 when they can get the home inspector’s client to make a purchase.

Interesting service. How long does it take to deliver? Is there some training for your clients/inspectors? I want to be able to articulate the report. What is the inspectors liability if you mis-state or omit a problem? Do you have any idea about the price some inspectors charge for the service?

I will not provide client information. Perhaps their name for the report cover, but no phone numbers or email. Yesterday I had a training group send me in excess of 170 SPAM text. I don’t want to have a client call me angry about SPAMMING.

Best regards,


We are not the kind of company that collects your personal information and sell it to a third party, we are not profiting from the information you provided us. The information you provide us to sign up for our subscription(Neighborhood Environmental Reports) is for the purpose of us contacting you/billing/ordering reports from us. We send mass email update time to time for our NERs, but you can unsubscribe to that.

What I am offering here is a product of great value, there are home inspectors who pay thousand of dollars a year for our reports based on per report ordering. And because of the need of the home inspectors, we have lowered our price to fit in the general market with a subscription price of $349 a year, which is more affordable to the home inspectors(with subscription you are getting the 16 page report including flood zone and wetland map for about $1 a piece)

But InterNACHI negotiated with us a special discount for the InterNACHI members of $299 a year subscription, unlimited reports for the NERs.

Neighborhood Environmental Report is just one of many other products we provide, we also do reports for commercial and Building Permits…

The reports take about 3 minutes to generate, you order them with the address you provided from our ordering page, it arrives in your email/ or the email you provided with, delivers within 3 minutes as a PDF file. We do not contact/store/gain any information from your client, our only goal is provide you our reports. We do have training course for home inspectors, and classes you can take. We never really have the mis-state or omit a problem happened before, we collect data from local, state and federal records, the report will only report the site/address that is marked by the record.

Some home inspectors sell them between $30-$100 a report, but most home inspectors find it successful to include it as part of their services. If you include it as part of your service, the report is about $1 a piece, the more inspections you do the cheaper it is for you. Subscription price for unlimited report a year is $299

The difference here is that **I **personally go to those sites, and **I **make the conscience decision to **Opt In **to the terms of those sites. **I do not, **nor will I ever, offer my Clients information to any site for any reason, directly compensated or not, without their express written authorization. Now, with that being stated, how easy do you think it will be to get me to even mention a product or company that has a blanket Policy Statement such as yours? You may have the most awesome products in the world, but the issue for me is one of Client Protection and Company and Personal Ethics, nothing else.

Good Luck to you.

Jefferey, we do not collect any single information from your client. You are the one who order reports from us(if you decided to use us) You type in the address of a property through your log in in our report ordering website, and our report arrive to the email you wish it delivers to. Usually home inspector have it delivered to their own email and attach the PDF report with their home inspection report to their client.

I think we have set the wrong foot here Jeffrey, our privacy policy is set to that way so that we are not liable for other of our product we are providing through the website. Many of the concerns you have do not apply to the home inspector industry of our product at all. The only information we gather from you is for the purpose of your account. The only thing we do with the home inspector is to provide the report for the address you need.

Awesome deal, awesome product.

Kenny, how often do your databases get updated with information? Information on flood zones may change now and then, just to name one.



Humberto, our Flood zone map and Wetland map are updated within a year. The environmental data for contamination are usually updated monthly to yearly depending on the 1400 data base we pull records from.

Sample Report

Section A reports findings within 300ft of property, section B reports finds beyond 300ft within a mile. And these are updated frequently, usually monthly

Ken is an InterNACHI Student (whatever that means). Isn’t this the same service offered by NACHI a few years back?

Same pricing?