What’s with all the calls from Netbiz lately? Several calls within the last two weeks. Anyone else see a spike??


I just hung up on them less than 5 minutes ago. Got a few calls from them lately. They don’t block their calls like some telemarketers do. Here’s their number: 503-427-6472. Call them and sell your services.:stuck_out_tongue:

All I know is they are screwing me with my online campaigns. They do a one page piece of crap web page for some local inspector and it has nothing of any value and he pops right up on google and as a sponsor. The page is like a billboard with absolutely no useful info and he goes right to the top.

So you are endorsing them?

It looks that way. I did just call them to see what they offer. Can I borrow a few bucks to sign up. :smiley:

How much?
I may be broke soon as I am looking at upgrade prices for a new phone.

$1000 will get me started with a 1 page site and optimization. I just got the samsung vibrant. It is the first phone I have liked in years.

Go to this site and learn how to optimize your own site for free! Register as a user on that forum for free.

Thanks James i’ll check it out.

Bob just for the record I hate the HTC cool touch pro I have and if the evo is anything like it I would steer clear.

Anyone want my htc make me an offer ok shape one crack in the side of the case works fine. I lost it got the new vibrant then a client found it. I personally have never had a windows mobile phone that I thought worked as it should.

$1,000,no thanks.
Good reviews on EVO with 4G speed.
Was going to get Galaxy tab with 7" screen but just found out it will not be a phone.(stupid) as they could have killed ipad.

is the evo a windows mobile phone like the cool touch or droid?

If you ever need any info just go here for honest reviews.


Get your own Google Ads and show up above them… with the better looking site! Or ignore them and take the top spots naturally.