Netlink/Apple TV

Has any one information ?Thoughts?
How well does this work

both Netlink … and …Apple Tv Information appreciated .

How hard is it to hook up .

Will they work OK on My wireless or do they require hard wire

Thanks … Roy

Added Correction Below thanks … Roy

Yes and Wondering about Apple TV just new In Canada

Do you mean NetFLIX Roy?

Yes thanks for the correction

Yes and Wondering about Apple TV just new In Canada

I don’t know about Apple TV,but in it’s current state Netflix is lacking. Very much so. About the newest release on their playlist was over 2 years old. If you’re like me and enjoy movies it’s piss poor. That being said the TV episodes were fairly good. Of course at $8 a month it IS a good deal. My brother called the Canadian customer service line and apparently it will be getting better. Make sure you have a good data package so you don’t go over your maximum GB limit.

I guess they have made some Improvements , Char now has her apple TV and netflix and she is impressed .
Seems like many movies are only 3 months old and the rest one year .
it is on our wirless set up and will post an update when she has used it for a while . I am not a movie person Too many other things on the go.
Thanks for you reply… Mark… … Roy

Where are you looking? I get brand new releases all the time from netflix mailed to my door. Are you talking about their online version only?

On line 30 days free , $7.88 a month after . in Canada

Yes online; in Canada the selection has been/was very poor. My brother, and two neighbours enquired with Netflix and they admitted the selection is/was poor but that it would be getting better. I assume the over the border difference is/was due to licenencing issues. I used the free trial for a month in January (this year) and found it very poor. From what Roy says the selection is better now. I guess I’ll give it another shot.

Ok, it must be an issue bringing it over the border like you mentioned. I’ve seen new releases on the online version here in the states.