Netural & grounds tie together

Is it OK to bunch all the neutral and grounds together?




You’ve got to be shi+tin me. What a mess…

You have no choice but to…Defer it to a licensed Electrician

I now. I just thought I would share.

How did your report read Ken?

I’m doing right now have not gotten to that part yet. How would you word it?

Simple …

There are a number of concerns within the main electrical panel requiring repair by an licenced electrician. These repairs should be carried out prior to close of title.

Left Image:

The bundle of bare conductors are equipment grounding conductors are not properly terminated on a bonded terminal bar designed to be used for this purpose. I was unable to verify the incorrect connection because of the loosely wrapped tape.

Right Image:

The splicing of the neutral (grounded conductors) using a split bolt in this manner is not recognized, they are required to terminate on their own (isolated from the metal cabinet.

Then have re-inpsected. (Just another way for more income.)

It looks like they’ve got both, EGC and neutrals bundled together in a ball-like fashion. Pathetic…