Neutral connected to water supply lines in older wiring?

I have come across this several times and con not figure out why these old timers used to connect a neutral conductor to the plumbing supply lines in the access panel of these older homes. If you look at the left supply line in the picture, you will see it down by the floor boards. When I take my one voltage tick that detects both live and neutrals, it goes nuts. The other one only detects live conductors and it doesn’t set off an alarm. Was this some type of rudimentry grounding or bonding attempt? I came across one occurrence where a home flipper modified the bathroom electrical and wired things wrong and connected this wire to the live side of the circuit coming into the bathroom. That would have been the last shower or bath that person took.

What does the other end of that conductor connect to?

Unknown as it is usually concealed inside the wall cavity.

That to me looks like it was not done by an Electrician they use a clamp.
I would think it could have been for an old radio receiver or ham radio .


Scott, why do you think this is a neutral conductor?

I have not seen a non-contact that would detect a neutral conductor.

I have no idea what that is unless it was someones attempt to bond something…other than that I dont believe it has anything to do with a Neutral (grounded) conductor and would not try to venture into making it that way in a report.

Remember, if we don’t know…don’t guess !