Neutral & ground connections

**What is the potential problem **when we attach 2 nuetrals and 2 grounds to one lug of the ground & nuetral bars at the main distribution panel?

408.41 in the code book states this issue but what problem can occur if the ground & nuetral is attached in the manor illistarted in the photo.

114508 040 (Small).jpg

The main risk is initiating a prolonged discussion on electrical codes which will degrade into a major pi$$ing match and bruised egos.

Besides that there is a remote risk of damage to electrical equipement if someone disconnects a neutral wire which is part of a multi-branch circuit without turning off the main breaker first.

Usually not involved in discussions about electrical codes, they are in writing. However, peopel get tired of rehashing stuff that has been discussed so many times, people are tired. There is a SEARCH function on the board, it works most of the time.

No ego’s required.


I was just to lazy to do a search.

If I ask enough times maybe it will finally sink in.

Thanks for your responses.

Not trying to piss anyone of just trying to educate myself.

Manufacturer comes and removes the panel board,for misuse… same as if you remove the label from the mattress.

Search the archives for 408.41

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I do the same thing all the time because it is much faster to get an answer most of the time. Matter of fact I just did one yesterday right in this section:) :wink: